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Tropical Photography, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Sarasota, has been in business since 2000. Specializing in environmental portraits, events, senior portraits, weddings and studio work. Tropical Photography is also an LGBTQ+ friendly company. We are here to capture special moments in time for all people.. 


When you hire Tropical Photography, you can be assured your special moment will be captured without any complications. We always come prepared with back up equipment and a solid knowledge to handle any situation. Making for a stressless photo session is our goal. And while you will find standard package offers, customizing a specific package to your needs is NEVER a problem. There's no assuming that one size fits all. So feel free to contact us with your specific needs and budget and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Unlike some photographers, we do offer one on one instruction to aspiring photographers or hobbyist that wish to improve their skills or learn more about their system. Perhaps you have a business that requires employees to take photos or friends who'd like to learn more together? Not a problem! Group sessions are available. So please contact us with your needs and we will reply with a quote or hourly rate.  


And while Tropical Photography works in a wide range of genres, we keep all of our work age appropriate when it comes to working with minors. In fact, as a general rule we do require a parent to be present at any shoot involving a minor. We feel it's far more appropriate for a parent or parent approved guardian to assist with any wardrobe issues for example. And not to mention, it's one last check should said minor have snuck in some wardrobe mom or dad were not aware of.. You would be amazed how often this happens.. 


Also, Tropical Photography is very open to working with LGBTQ+ couples. Be it a simple portrait, commitment ceremony or even a wedding depending on your location. While some photographers may be uncomfortable with these types of sessions, our job is simply to capture special moments. And love knows no difference.